What is your privacy policy?

Please see our Informed Consent page.

When recording, why does the bus fullness information go blank after a while?

We expect that the fullness of the bus will change over time. When you rate the fullness, we keep that rating for a while and then reset. Feel free to update the fullness rating throughout your journey to offer the most up to date information to other transit users and to help your transit agency plan for service improvements.

What do the different colors for buses mean on the website's live map?

Red buses are more full than blue buses.

Why is the app having trouble locating me?

Your phone uses GPS and local wifi networks to pinpoint your location. It may have trouble determining your location if you are indoors. If you have a problem while outdoors, you can tell the app to try again using the crosshair/zoom button on the Nearby map.

If I'm blind, can I use the app?

The iPhone version of Tiramisu is fully VoiceOver enabled and has been tested by members of the Pittsburgh blind community. Some features work with TalkBack on Android, but development is still in progress. Both versions have a List view on the Nearby screen as an alternative to the map display.

Why is my stop or bus missing?

We use an electronic schedule file provided by the local transit agency. This is the same file Google uses for Google Transit. If the information is also missing in Google Transit, then there is a problem with the schedule file.