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Using Tiramisu

Tiramisu lets riders create real-time arrival information by sharing location traces when riding a bus. When you share, you help other riders. This quick tutorial shows you how to share a trace when riding.

On the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, select 'Nearby' to see a list of nearby stops. Select a stop to uncollapse it and show a list of buses. If you do not find the stop you want, select 'Map View' on the tab bar on top of the screen.

Find Nearby Bus Stops - Map View
Map view
Find Nearby Bus Stops - List View
List view
In 'Nearby Stops' you can see a list of stops and when your bus will arrive. Select your bus when it arrives. A menu with four options will appear. If you are getting on the bus, select 'Getting On'. Otherwise you can share information about other buses passing by selecting 'Saw bus pass by', or selecting too full to board. You can exit this menu by selecting cancel.

Find realtime bus arrival schedule and fullness

In the 'Select Destination' view a list of destination stops will appear. Select your destination stop.

Select your destination stop

Under the 'Share Trace view', you can review your bus, origin stop, and destination stop information. You can select the route text or the destination stop to change them. Next, select the 'Share Location Trace' button near the center of the screen.

Indicate bus fullness

Your phone will automatically stop sharing location information when you approach your destination. Select 'Stop Location Trace' to manually stop sharing. You can also send a note with an observation of this trip by selecting the 'New Note' button towards the right side of the screen.

Stop recording when you get off

When sharing is stopped, a 'Trip Summary' page appears at the end of your trip.

Trip summary page

Creating an Account

To create an account, select the 'Profile' button from the bottom menu bar. Next, tap on 'Join Now' towards the bottom.

Login or Join Now

Under 'Create Account', fill in the textboxes on the right side with your account details. As you scroll down, check the boxes with accessibility statuses that may apply to you. When you share a note, the system shows your first name, the first initial of your last name, and your neighborhood.

Fill in personal details

When finished, scroll down and check the age verification box to verify you are 13 years of age or older. Next select the 'Create' button right below the verification box

Verify age and create account

An account verification link will be sent to your email. You can now create new notes, but they will not be shared with other users until you tap the verification link. Tap the 'Activate Account' button above the menu bar on the bottom of the screen to access the page where you may resend the link or change your email address.

Verify account through email

You may edit your email in the text box located near the center of the screen. Below the text box are three option buttons you may tap. You can tap the 'Resend Verification Code' below the texbox to resend the verification link to your email. You may also tap 'Cancel Account Creation' to remove your account, or tap 'Cancel' to go back to your profile page.

Edit verification details

Posting a Message

You can post a note that gets attached to a stop or a route. In addition, you can send a note to the transit agency or to Tiramisu. All notes are viewable by Tiramisu users. To send a note, tap the 'Notes' button on the bottom menu bar.

Choose the type of note you want to send by selecting one of the four tabs at the top of the screen. Then select the 'New Note' button in the center, right below these tabs.

Select note type

When creating a route note, you must first indicate the route your note is about in the scrollview on the bottom of the screen. When creating a stop note, first choose a route that goes to the stop your note addresses, and then choose the stop you plan to write about. Select 'Done' on the right below the scrollview when you have made your selection.

Choose route or stop note is about

Tap on the textbox to begin writing in the top half of the screen to begin writing. Select 'Send' on the right aboce the textbox when finished.

Type your note

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